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The variety of human voting

It’s the general election, and after a tumultuous campaign voting concludes on a Saturday in early spring. At the Anglican Hall as a scrutineer I sit behind several Electoral Officials. I’m there to ensure that there is no attempt to influence the voter’s decisions. It’s a big steep high roofed hall with mirrors along the back wall. Who votes?

A man with one leg on crutches

A woman in a wheel chair

Another woman in a wheel chair

A man with three children who declares he is voting green, both party and candidate votes

A man whose orange shirt declares ‘go fuck yourself’

A proud tall young woman who smiles a huge grin at me as she strides in, and out of the hall

A man whom I know asks how I am. I reply ‘I can’t really talk now’

A woman who I’ve recently met sits down, asks me for my phone number, then walks away blushing saying ‘Oh gosh, how embarrassing’

A woman who looks like a fashion model with a child in rainbow dress

A young Indian couple beaming

The smiling officials greet each voter, issue instructions, tear voting papers from the block and fold them, ask for the voters card, clarify name and address

Officials at the special votes booth are busy, lots of people are voting outside their electorate. It looks complicated sometimes.

A scrutineer from another party, the opposition blues looks on, an unfriendly sneer

The people who ask, I haven’t done a tick, just a mark, is that ok?

The woman who returns in a fluster exclaiming ‘I think I left my Ipad in the booth, is it there?’ It is.

Another leaves their glasses

Some people give nothing away

People not on a roll, go over there

Flash Frontier April 2019: LOVE


Erothanatos Vol.3 Issue 2


And yolo doves

Glissades in glissando series

     Sattva guna (mode of goodness)

    Samara (cycle of repeated birth and death)

    Raja guna (mode of passion)


At Puwera


Nga Kupu Waikato: an anthology of Waikato poetry


This is the river



this is the river that flows through me,

khaki surges whirlpools + splash

rolling sinuous + tensile,

a taniwha breathing fogs + mist

pouring from valleys ignited by tui kotare kakariki + swan

loaded + heaving, stained into ignimbrite + clay,

the colours squeezed kokopu phosphorescent inanga

translucent trout neon arcing a flamenco haka

of petals leaves feathers wing + fin

they dive flick + twist

aerobatic sculptures + putangitangi



shedding vortices of polarity + discharge

magnetic fields that pulse + kick

electric + luminous.

The Wild Word #36 Its a kind of magic

Watching the sky speak

Open to the world

On the wing of light

About Piet Nieuwland

Poetry is not a luxury, it is a necessary part of the creativity of every day.  


Piet Nieuwland has poems and flash fiction appear in numerous print and online journals published in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Canada, India and Germany.


He is a performance poet, edits Fast Fibres Poetry and lives near Whangarei.


In a previous life he worked as a conservation strategist for Te Papa Atawhai in Aotearoa/New Zealand 


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